Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Change your questions- What do you do after school?

I got a chance to meet children, and the questions I posed seemed the same which I was asked by elders at my childhood. To my questions, I got the same response which I used to give without any excitement. I didn't want to answer those questions when I asked. Now, I don't want other children to feel the same.

Which class are you?
What school do you go to?

Instead of the question series which I have nothing to do, I changed the questions.

What do you love to do after school?
And asked the questions related to the work s/he's interested in.


  1. That's such a good way of engaging them in the conversation instead of making them feel insecure by asking authoritative questions. Good for you Abhinay!

    1. True sir. I realised how I ask questions which doesn't excite children to talk much :)

      One such conversation was with Anjali, enquiry about her school didn't take us anywhere in conversations but, discussion about her hobby 'music' made us sit for minutes talking about it.


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