Saturday, April 1, 2017

A walk in the park

As I was jogging along the path outside KBR Park, I noticed many people being  busy perspiring. As I was turning a curve, I watched group of people standing at a tree and discussing about leaves, fruits and climate.
Conversations seemed interesting and I stuck to the mob listening to what they were talking. Kobitha, a gardener was heading the group, telling about the trees which were around park.
Like I believe everyone has a story, even trees seemed to have stories.

I observed wings shaped fruits, camel foot shaped fruits, I observed trees being infected, I also observed beautiful flowers I felt the barks, smelled the leaves and touched the fruits. It was a lovely experience.
I got to know why silver oaks is called in the way it's called. I also heard lot of botanical names and the tree enthusiasts among us were so curious to ask questions on various trees.

While we were on our way, we ran into forest commissioner who tried to give a lot of information on trees. Though it looked like the mob was bit apprehensive about his words, they were impressed with the passion he has on trees.
We shared our contacts to keep gathering on such trails. Hope to see them soon.

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