Friday, April 28, 2017

Right people on the bus.

Talking to Elizabeth about what's all happening in life, it was inevitable to talk about my friend, mentor Harimohan Paruvu.

I told her, "I have a friend who tells me very subtle, little things which makes me think and act."

Once, I was told by Harry that, "You are average of the 5 people you move along with."

She was doubtful to believe that I have 50 year old friend with whom I share everything and learn from.

After I shared the story of our meet and the conversations we made, she found it surprising.

I think it's high time I make all our conversations into writing to keep a record of everything. Once, I was told by him about "Right people in the bus."

Right people on the bus are the people who helps you to be a better person in life. I'm glad I have right people on the bus.

To have right people on the bus doesn't meant to deny other friends. It's important to have  various circles of friends from various walks of life who can bring the best out of you, who can share everything with you.

I'm glad I have right people on the bus who are always there supporting me to be a better person.

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