Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Hanuman's Ramayan- Storytelling session.

It's not that I'm unfamiliar with ramayan story but, wanted to listen to Hanuman's version also.

Stories lives on for generations.

As I slowly settled and started a conversation with a stranger named Suresh the session just started.

Deepa, the stoyteller along with Krishna and Soujanya arrived on the stage. Deepa started out by calling everyone to listen to stories.

They had few props and musical instruments on stage to use.  They took a saffron cloth to indicate the person as Hanuman who was the narrator for the session.  It was an tandem storytelling session.

I loved the way she narrated. She was engaging, relating and then narrating. Her mesmerising voice and those modulations she did for those situations were so good that I was recording the sound for whole time.

L to R Deepa, Soujanya and Krishna performing a tandom storytelling.
Soujanya and Krishna tried to be good. They could do better. They couldn't be as confident and as expressive as Deepa was.

They were singing  keerthanas  very nicely. I wonder what stopped them to do a telugu version.
This session reminded me of our old storytelling sessions, 'Burra Kathalu, Hari Kathalu.'

I had my time to get surprised when Deepa started singing, 'Chale chalo,' song from movie Lagaan to express the moment f vanaras constructing a bridge. Her performance brought me a wide smile on my face.

On a request from audience to sing Ram Bhajans, Deepa in return invited kids to come and sing those songs.

Kids are kids. One little kid sang Hanuman Chalisa, one kid said, 'Jai SriRam' and started palying on stage with props.  A kid walked on to the stage and sang, 'Janaganamana.'

I could observe painful expressions and everyone stoofd as it's respectful but it seems to be that, kid was singing a song he knew so well as he sing everyday at school.

After all those surprising singing performances, I took a leave wishing stranger, Suresh best in his life.

I enjoyed and looking forward for more sessions from Deepa.

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