Tuesday, April 18, 2017

The Diary of a Nobody- Book

Suggested by Ruskin Bond in his book, 'Lamp is Lit,' I picked up this book, 'The Diary of Nobody,' written by George Grossmith. The book was published in 1800s and the humour is subtle. As I read it, I could imagine narrator being funny, sarcastic. He didn't had anything extra ordinary in life. He wrote about what happens daily in his life. He wrote how his friends Gowings, Cummings are dumb at times, how he struggled to discipline his son Lupin.

It's funny to see people searching extra ordinary stuff to write, running behind fantasies. But here, the author wrote  ordinary things in extra ordinary way. Human emotions are universal and this reminds me of many conversations on writing with Harimohan sir(Another post for another day)

Pooter is neither funny to the extremes nor, dumb to the core, He's just another family man with problems to solve with family and friends. Had a good time revisiting vintage life style and life stories.

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