Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Surprise of the day- Meet of an old friend

Studying in different schools left me with a privilege of having many friends at many places.

I always wished to study with an old friend of mine at another place. It never happened but, I met a friend of mine whom I never saw, never spoke to, but I know her well!. So well that, I used to ask about her every now and then to my friend whenever I speak to her. 

Elizabeth, a colleague at my workplace seemed to be a nice person. She was courteous and nice. It's been a month since I joined the workplace, It's been a month since I met Elizabeth. Never in my thoughts, had I imagined Elizabeth to be the 'friend' of Swathi(10th class friend) who always used to talk about her intermediate friends, 'Celine, Elizabeth.'

A month passed and I never questioned Elizabeth about her whereabouts.  I used to talk to her casually. 

Out of blue, I thought she could be the person who Swathi always talk about. May be the vibes of her gave me an intuition of her relation with Swathi.

Time of being in doubt about her whereabouts took me to toll of sense and surprise, I asked  Elizabeth about her relation with Celine, she was bit sceptic to answer my questions and in return questioned me how I know all her friends and cousins. As I kept on asking her about her friends, she suddenly realized that I was the person who Swathi always talked about. 

Elizabeth's expression made my day. The surprise she had couldn't be brought by any other conversation. To witness the surprise and shock brought me sense of joy to see how small the world is.  It's a good feeling to meet a friend whom I never saw. 

Thinking about her, I penned words. As it goes,                                    

                                   Image of her is whatever I draw
                                     Voice of her is however I listen
                                     She is present in a way I see
                                     She is present in a way I think.
                                       Elizabeth erstwhile friend!

                                Elizabeth, elegance is her charm
                             Surreal art can be found in her smile
                                  So enchanting, so enlivening
                                     Elizabeth, erstwhile friend!
                              Good to see you. Good to meet you.

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