Monday, August 15, 2022

Stories on Wheels- A day at Pali

Late to sleep, late to awake. We had a good sleep at Shanti's place. Withouth hitch, we slipped into afternoon, without noticing how morning went by. 

Azhar made Bread omelette. Shankar bought kachori and sweets. Over these, we had a hearty brunch and continued to play UNO until, we all began to work for lunch again. if we had brunch at 12 then, the lunch was meant to eat by 4PM. No wonder how we skipped morning breakfast. 

After a lot of decisions, we decided to hit the swimming pool and spend the rest of the day at Pali. 

We visited a few resorts and finally, this place was available for us.  In a 6 ft swimming pool, we jumped into water, trying to stay afloat at times and also, with fountain kinda system, we had a rain feels. Never expected that Pali would have such sophisticated swimming pool. 

Good day. 

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