Monday, August 15, 2022

Stories from Sirohi- Independence Day at School

Delighted to see a lot of these familiar faces celebrating independence day. I met Nanu, Lonu and saw Ashok from far. These are my three little friends with whom I used to hang out a lot outside the classroom. 

As I met Nanu(Aditi), she was all smiles walking around. After our little conversation, she went away and came with her friend, introducing me as Abhinay Bhaiyya. So sweet of her. I got reminded of my young 5 year old self where I put the similar efforts to introduce my mom to my friend when she visit school, bringing lunch. 

I met Jigar, Mayank, Shravan, Payal, Mahi(Class9), Heena(Class9) Shaheen, Kelam, Chiku(Class4), Lalit during the function and  Diva, Nisha, Arjun, Mahi, Guddi outside the campus. 

There was a musical performance by students of Class 7 playing instrumentals of different songs. Loved  the performance.

At the end, we had a group picture with couple of kids who were hanging around for the balloons on the stage. 

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