Monday, August 15, 2022

Stories from Sirohi- An evening trek

Sirohi has a alot of Aravali ranges. R suggested for a trek. Along with A & S, I went in and began our trek from the hotel of  Baba Ramdev. We had our chai with the hide and seek biscuits. This is the place where we have cows, oxen everywhere. They run into us, sometimes making us spill the tea and scaring us to death. 

Soon after the chai, we headed to the outskirts of Sirohi. Sirohi is a small plain area surrounded by the aravali hill ranges from three sides. The clean skyline reminded of the days I spent here. 

A and I went on one bike, watching the mountains turned green in this monsoon. These are the mountains that turn dry during summer. These are the mountains that has a different trees and leafes which look more rugged and rough. 

We began our trek and 40 steps, I was already panting. Without a break, R continued walking. Followed by him was S. Behind S, A & I were trying to match their speed. 

We continued climbing the steps, trying to catch a rhythm. As it began to drizzle, our foot steps turned firm, our hands found a trail to hold. My body knew it better way before, I thought, how I gotta trek in the  hills. The steps were steep, the mountains had a lot of trees all around. Away from the bustling highway, we were surrounded by tiny water falls and a lot of langoors hanging around the trees. 

Up above there's a temple constructed. A couple was trekking down & a family of 5 youngsters reached the temple and were resting. 

Watching around the temple, we continued our trek. The steps were disappeared and there seemed to be a  way paved by human foot prints. A narrow path amidst the trees. Trekking up and above, the breath became short, the feet was finding it's own place on the soil. I was surprised by the way my body wasa reacting to the trek. Every step I took had a different pressure applied to trek up and the other foot was finding it's place at right spot in right angle. The body seems to have it's own knowledge to act in the nature. 

A little walk, we came across a huge water body where a lot of buffaloes were submerged in the water. There's a huge wall constructed out of stones in the middle of those hills. I wonder who walks around these hills. Shepherds & cattle herders would be finding these spots for sure. 

R & S began to record the journey discussing some shayari and stories around aravali ranges. Taking a few long breathes, we enjoyed the view and tried to spend time in silence. 

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