Saturday, August 6, 2022

Documentary - Tashi and the Monk

I met Genla at Vikram's storytelling session. He looked very simple, approachable and smiling. When I got to know his journey I'm inspired. 

Genla story in his words:

I spent couple of days with him, engaging with him over lunch and snack breaks at Global Educators Fest 2022. 

A few lessons I could ponder on are:

1) Do not take seemed-to-be-little-things for granted: Often we focus on work and consider food, lunch, dinner, breakfast, to be something which can wait.  Food is basic. 

2) Consider cleaning as meditation: Often we do not value trivial things. Give respect to what it deserves. 

3) Think beyond numbers, profit and money making. 

4) Love and be compassionate

Two filmmakers created a documentary on Jhamtse Gatsal community. It has won many accolades. It surely deserves many more. 

Here's some article on the process

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