Thursday, August 11, 2022

Jaipur Journals- Chat with Tenzi

Thanks to these people, I was attending a conference on education, listening to some discussions on national education policy and all the pitches done by people who are in education sector trying to sell their product. 

During breaks, I was able to catch up with people whom I wanted to catch up with. Teachers of Jhamtse Gatsal community. Tenzin is a teacher at Jhamtse Gatsal community. He teaches social science in higher school as well as teaches sports. 

Earlier, he was working in a college at Bangalore. He felt that there's no connection with these young adults and he wanted to catch up with children. He also got to know about the communtiy. Without a second thought, he chose to relocate and moved to Tawang. He feels home as he works here. 'Regarding teaching and learning, there's a lot we need to work on as adults.' he shared his opinions discussing how difficult it is to understand love, compassion and to practice it. 

Tenzin also shared few experiences from his DharamShala days where he used to work in Tibetan college for a while. 

Tenzin is a biker and he was happy to catch up with a fellow biker, Jimmy. 

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