Saturday, August 27, 2022

Jaipur Journals- The usual preparation

 This time It's Uttarkhand trip. I take my time to pack and everytime I assume that I'd pack swiftly but, I keep fiddling with clothes, paintings, books until I push myself to focus and work. I realised that I fiddle as I want to distract myself from the feelings I go through when I leave home. I leave home, not to return in a day or two. Whenever I leave home, I may return after 10 days or 15 days. It's almost half a month. 

I like traveling but, somewhere just to behave like others, I try to nag. Actually, I don't need to nag about my lifestyle or my job. I love it. I don't need to compare my life with others and see what I'm missing. I can focus on what I'm living through. 

Anyway, I parked my cycle inside. Threw away the trash. Cleaned the kitchen. Put the clothes in drawer. Time to sleep early and leave early for a early morning train. 

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