Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Empty Spaces- Hotel Emerald Green

 In Dehradun, I got put up at Hotel Emerald Green. The hotel has a spacious reception to check in. I had a easy check in and got into room 405. This room have a smart lock which is accessed through card. This would be the space for a night. 

It's has a balcony that has view of Mussorie. If we look down from the fourth floor, one can see the flowing traffic. Even though, I reached Dehradun all the way from Delhi, I didn't wanted to get down on to the road  and indulge in the following traffic. The honks and vehicle sounds were so dissappointing. I couldn't wait to get into the hills and stay in peace. 

This hotel has a swimming pool. Early morning, I got up for a swim and had 30 minute swim. Swimming seems to be the perfect work out for me to rebegin my fitness. I had a choice for complimentary breakfast at 7am in the morning. I got sandwich, juice packed and began my journey to Uttarkashi. 

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