Sunday, August 7, 2022

Storytelling Session by Vikram

 I was suggesting Bangalore friends to attend Vikram's storytelling sessions. I never thought that I'd get a chance to attend Vikram's storytelling session in Jaipur. Vikram visited Jaipur as he was on Ajmer tour for another storytelling session. 

We had this session at Maah Space, a lovely contemporary space for theatre, storytelling sessions, dance show and alot more. It's small and has a lot of artsy vibes. 

I got a chance to meet Khusbhoo, a batchmate, with whom I did  a workshop together under Vikram. Also, I got a chance to meet Jyoti, Shreya, Humaira, Genla and all the lovely teachers from Arunachal Pradesh.

As ever, Vikram's sessions takes you to a journey full of emotions. From light laughter to enlightening insights. He doesn't have lines to mug up, doesn't have a script to follow. He goes on with improv, involves audience, interacts with them and makes session full of laughs, silences and make audience feel satisfied, as they walk through those doors. 

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