Sunday, October 11, 2020

Memories- My 8th Class at St.Joseph High School


I studied 8th in St. Joseph High School. I studied only in the 8th class there but, I made many friends there.  I turned 13 and I penned down my thoughts, feelings in a diary given by my dad. Inspired by 200 Secrets of success, I shared my perspectives on attitude towards children. Why there’s a change in the thought process, what’s good, what’s bad. I had many such questions as a teenager. Dad was working in Vellore at that time. We constructed a new house in our village. I made many friends in school.

Sister Anitha was our class teacher. I was amused by the act of touching elders’ feet. On the teacher’s day; I took the blessings of the sister. She laughed a lot as I bent to take the blessings. I was not the kind of touch-the-feet-person to seek blessings. She knew it. I knew it but, I do not remember how I gave it in. 

I had many friends. Rony, Kareem, Sudeshna, Yamini, Amulya were a bit close of all.

In the guy gang, Ibrahim, Younus, Gopal, Srikant, Rahmat, Adil, Pio, Ajay,

Madhurima, Susmitha Priya, Shirin, Zoya, Prashanti, Venezuela, and many more are the girls. There were many people in the class.

Ajay’s mom is a primary teacher. Kareema Begum was our Hindi teacher. Rani mam was our Telugu teacher. Teresa was our biology teacher. Sister Anitha was our English teacher. Srinivas was our Math teacher. I couldn’t remember who our social teacher was. Ajith taught us physics.

Ayesha was the only competition for me. I was the topper of the class. Ayesha always came second. I was never particular about marks but to my surprise, Ayesha was not even into it. We both were trying to be our best without comparing with anyone. Others were always observant of our marks and results than us. 

It was in 8th class, Sudhakar, my P.T teacher encouraged me to participate in a cricket tournament. I went with him to Arts college for the tournament. I also attended a few practices. I found it tough but, I enjoyed the whole process of hanging out with friends outside the school. Mixing with seniors. I was the keeper in the team. 


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