Monday, October 12, 2020

Stories with Navnit

I went and sat near him wondering what he is up to. He was working on a event, designing on ‘Disaster Reduction.’

He gets a basic idea on anything and everything. He evaluates it, thinks of it’s purpose and acts on it. Tomorrow is disaster reduction day. Contextual and needed. He got the event ready. He made a poster, created an event, worked on the content. Now he is working on PPT. ‘How do you get ideas Navnit?’

He continued his work as if he did not hear it or felt unnecessary to explain his thought process.

How did you get the idea to work on this Navnit ji? No answer. “Chalo, I am leaving. I’ll walk into library.” I mentioned. “Rukhiye na ji. I will finish the PPT, and show you for the feedback.” He said.

What knowledge do I have to give feedback, I thought?

It’s navnit’s style. He talks and he shares, thinks loud and improvises. It’s his style of working on any work.

I gave him a few suggestions on the format.  "Teekhe ji. Aise rakhiyenge na." He  hears my suggestions, thinks of it and sticks to his style of PPT.  How wrong was to expect others to take my suggestions seriously! It's nice he asked suggestions, he can always use it or discard it. 

Navnit showed me big fat books lying on his table. “You would have never seen the face of it also. I took all these from Govt books only,” he shared.  I could assume two situations from his words. One that he is humble about no added talent of his. He credits the sources, he acquires knowledge from. His references are always helpful and informative.

“Hojayega  ye. Bhadiya heh na.” He keeps his mouth cornered, lifts his head, stares at the screen and reads the text and went on formatting it. I walk out of the room, wondering what’s in my desk to brainstorm ideas from.

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