Monday, October 5, 2020

Lessons others taught me- Giving space

In life,  often we take things for granted.  During my training days, I was sent to a training place( synergy park) for shadowing a few people to learn the work. I spent weeks enjoying my training. 

My four-week training got ended and a message pops up on my phone, Aravind Unnikrishnan: The new account is set up in Adibatla. Would you like to join us tomorrow?

I am obliged to follow his orders. It's obvious that I need to leave my training place to move to my workplace. Why did Aravind ask me? He could have told me, "Your training is over. Come to the new office," He could say that. 

Why did he ask me? I mulled over. 

I learnt that It's important we give out space for others to decide rather than impose our orders. Giving an option, I felt I decided to go rather than feeling that I am following the orders.  Leaving a space to decide gives us the option of owning our actions. Thanks, Aravind for giving the space and teaching me the ownership. 

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