Friday, October 30, 2020

Eight KM Cycle Ride

Got my knees hurt in a small road accident, I stayed at home resting for 9 days. The knee was healed and off I went for a cycle ride in the morning, after a long time. 

Consciously, I dropped the phone at home and carried only a mask and a few rupees with me. Cycling after one and a half year, I enjoyed it.  

The morning bluish sky teemed with green paddy fields. Spacious deserted roads. People walking out of their homes that are laid next to the road. I rode 8 km without much struggle. I assumed I would pant after a few km but, I felt refreshed and enjoyed the ride.

On returning to home, I spotted a bunch of joggers and walkers on road. Everyone glued up to the phones.  A couple of lads hung out early morning, with their phones out and glued to their screens. How do they wake up so early, only to use phones in open spaces? I thought. 

Am I being too conscious of phone-free mornings? I don't know. 


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