Saturday, October 24, 2020

Memories- Souvenirs

Tickets, scribbled notes, newspaper cuttings. I discover a lot of articles that remind me of days, events, experiences, and conversations. I was clearing the shelves and going through a few books. Look what I found. 

These are the tickets, we purchased when Vikas and I traveled to Vijayawada. Later, Vikas to Bhuvaneshwar and I to Hyderabad. 10.Oct.2013. I remember the day and the vivid memories still flash in my mind. We traveled during the Sakala Janula Samme, no buses were running to the Andhra region. We lost the CVSR tournament by four points. We met Prudvi for the first time. We were confident of our game but, we lost it by 4 points. Sandy Bhai was also at the court. Vikas had to get on to the train. He chose to play for the team. I do not know what was running in his mind. Later, the journey we took was an exhilarating one changing our lives in one way or the other. 

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