Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Music Memories- Classics and a few gems

 Like the words of air hostesses, if there’s an expressionless voice all over the place. How do we live a life without a tune?

Pallavi and I spent the evening, listening to different genres of music. Play some music,” suggested Pallavi, "Play Shubha Mudgal."

For the first time, I heard Shubha Mudgal's songs. 

Baire Chain. 

Seekho Na, Dere Dere. Pallavi explained the lyrics of all the songs. She took immense pleasure in listening to the words that can be interpreted as food for thought in life. 

The way Pallavi loves words, language heartens me. It's exhilarating to see the person loving the language and life. Listening to every line, she recites it and sighs. A sight to see.

All my life, I have listened to Yesudas in all the south Indian languages. His heart-melting voice touches all the souls.

I got to know him during 2007. In my 7th class, my Dad lived in Tamil Nadu. We were traveling on a bus for Vellore. I listened to the song, 'Gaali Vaanalo,' a Telugu song. I was too young to listen to the words of the song. I was touched by the voice. The driver seemed to be a fan of Yesudas. I spent 5 hours, listening to only Yesudas songs. That’s how I could match the voice to the name, “Yesudas.”

 Pallavi played a Hindi song sung by Yesudas. It reminded me of "Tere Mere Milan ki Ye Rehna."

Later, we listened to a few classics. Dil Ki Nazar

Pallavi shared the times when she watched the movie, 1942, a Love Story. "Appealing visuals," she mentioned. 

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