Saturday, October 31, 2020

Thoughts- Death

Death. Death seemed to be a serious and important part of our life. Everyone pushes it aside not discussing it yet, it stares into us, if doubted shows us the possibilities of being dead. 

Thoughts flick in the night and the light. In dreams, in dreading reality, before I realize, my thoughts loosened beyond my control and race to the wildest imaginations. I'm thinking about a particular thought. Train of thought is on a ride that seemed to take it's own track. I think of all the highs in my life, in a flick, the thought changes and I think of the sorrows of my life.  My thought process is given the shape of web takes a messy path unable to understand where it all started. 

It all started at Death. What would you do if someone kills you? Without thinking further on logic, the fear takes over and fogs the mind with it's wild imagination. 

We maintain a distance from death. We do not want to talk about it. We do not want to see the possibilities for we are scared of us losing control and be dead. 

Life is all you make it. never know who influences you who inspires you who asks you the most. You seem 

Let the darkness glitter the light. 

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