Saturday, September 7, 2019

Happy Birthday Vineel Anna.

4 years of my engineering story is incomplete without a mention of VNR Basketball. 
Classes I may have seen at times but, the basketball court is where we spent most of our time in college, creating memories and learnings in life. I cherish all the memories and moments we had during all our college days. 

Today is Vineel anna's birthday.  Glad to recollect all memories and celebrate Vineel anna's birthday. 

During my first days of the college, he was there, mentoring what really college is. No need of a special mention, he hailed from EIE branch. Jovial, jolly, Vineel anna is notorious for his one-liners and humor at very odd times. It's a rarity to see him being serious off-court. On the court, of course, he needs the business to be fair and clean. Play the game and win it. No more deviations.

On & off-court, Vineel- Meher Bhai duo needs a special mention for their affectionate swearings and banter. 
Vineel & Meher 

Off Court Talks
Got many stories and scenes to share from this league

He makes people comfortable with his words. People love to be in his company for his anecdotes and fun. 

Ranging from our first Srinidhi's tournament ragging to Goa beach nights, Vineel anna needs a special mention for his care towards us. 

During his last days of the college, he had to put up with me for my erratic absence at the court. Never for once, he lost his cool while he was dealing with me. His sense of duty or dedication for a thing he's engaged in is absolutely a lesson to be learned.  

His presence makes a difference wherever he is. Wish him a great life ahead. Happy birthday Vineel anna. Wish for a huddle again to recollect all the good old times and to make many more memories. 

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