Thursday, September 5, 2019

Teachers' Day Celebrations

On, teachers' day, i'm humbled to receive all the wishes and greetings. Overwhelmed by the love and affection of the children. The biggest lesson I learn from these kids every day is the art of appreciation. 

Kids appreciate in a simple way. And that's the best way. Becoming an adult, appreciation is common to  impress but not, to express. Kids express rather than impress. These children are my teachers whom I owe my great learnings in my life. Many wrote in Hindi. Many attempted to write in English. Again, it's the act that means a lot more than anything. 

Roopi takes out the paper, grabs a marker and tried to write my name. Scribbled and handed it out with a beaming smile.

Shilpa, mostly silent and hardly expresses her opinions and doubts. She walks out giving these beautiful handwritten cards. I'm grateful for all the love. I'm delighted to see her attempting to write in English.

8th class kids with their Kavitha and creativity

Krishna, the happy chap walks in wishing me through the card. Thanks, Krishna

Greeting Card from 1st Class

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