Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Stories from Sirohi- Today is not yesterday

Fifteen days into teaching, I am pumped up to do a lot with the class 8th. Without proper observation and assessment, we started with the 'tenses'. Eighth class students were put up with us and our tenses. 

I assumed they were learning. But, they were merely finding the pattern.  A few days into another judgment on education,  Board. Syllabus. Should not delay. Let's start with the textbook lessons, we began teaching lessons. We tried teaching one lesson in different methods. 

A few more days, 

Aravind walked into the class, "Why are you late today?" I asked. Hoping he'd understand my question and answer me in Hindi. Indeed, he answered. "Bhaiyya, ye today kya hotha hai?"

All my tenses and the lesson tension got evaporated. "Today maane aaj." And I began sharing the words, Today, Yesterday, Tomorrow. Idealistic, aspirational, I was. However, I felt into the bondage of syllabus, learning outcomes, textbooks, and couldn't dare to go beyond normal. Time, I get out of this trap of rote based learning. 

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