Saturday, September 7, 2019

At Shreya's home

Lunch at Shreya's home is as welcoming as a home call. Grateful for the invite. Home food is a rarity these days. Thanks, Shreya.

Sourab joined us over our lunch sharing a  lot of stories. We spoke on various things and we spoke of our childhood. Shreya shared how she ended up being independent. "It's okay to have your way," says Shreya without any air of ego. She is comfortable in being herself rather than striving to be others which she is not.

Shreya grew up on strong values she chose. "There are few things that define us. And it's important to be instilled with those values," said Shreya.

She is the energy booster and life support in all the works I have engaged in. Glad to catch up with her discussing the stories that made us who we are. 

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