Friday, September 13, 2019

Stories from Sirohi- The 'School' Story

Comes the first term exams, students were preparing for the English test. On the exam eve, kids have to copy the whole lesson from the textbook to the notebook.  All the activities need to be copied in order without even missing the crossword puzzle. Despite filling the notebooks by copying, kids were unable to read the text. When a few could read, none could comprehend the text. 

Despite no hope on any learning, I was sure of their performance in exams. Nevertheless, at the end of the day,  exams matter. Children memorize the letter(application) and displayed their efforts commendable memory skills by attempting the letter and writing at their best.   

Got a chance to take oral tests of the children. We ask basic questions. The spelling of 'school.' Out of 20 kids, 2 kids got it right. "Spelling doesn't let you leave out the chance to judge kids." A few say.  But Hey, this shows the need of the hour. We need to focus on the basics. By the way, I am talking about 6th class children. 

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