Friday, September 6, 2019

Akbar and Birbal Tales by Amita Sarin

Picked up the classic after a visit from 1st class. I didn’t spend my childhood with books. Last year, Anjali used to suggest me the children literature and now, I got a whole library filled with children’s books.

Recollecting Amol’s suggestions as well, I picked up this book. Akbar and Birbal Tales by Amita Sarin. 

Akbar and Birbal stories are famous for their wit and wisdom. In this book, stories narrated with a few facts made it interesting to relate to the old age period.

I never knew that Birbal’s original named, Mahesh Das was almost 15 years elder to  Akbar. I loved the factual stories a lot which helped me to enjoy the other tales a lot.

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