Saturday, September 7, 2019

The Renaissance Man by Harimohan Paruvu.

Biography of Doc MV Sridhar by Harimohan Paruvu has a lot of takeaways to learn.

Starting with the way book got started, it’s interesting how little things ripple and make a difference in life.

Glad to read about Sridhar and take great learnings home.

MV Sridhar is a doctor by qualification and a cricketer by passion. Sridhar wore many hats in his life being at his best doing everything possible that would be of help to others and spread happiness.

Starting from his whereabouts, his grandparents were introduced who played a pivotal role in doc’s life. For their wishes, he became the ‘doc’ It's interesting how he took up the corporate role and then Indian Cricket team manager role. 

His service to the Indian cricket is immense. anecdotes by Indian cricketers, administrators,  HCA success says it all.

The jovial, jolly, spontaneous, sportive are few of his traits. He enjoyed making friendships and valuing everyone for who they are without judgement. 

It’s interesting how his traits have helped him to hone his skills to be the people’s person. His stints at drumming, acting portrayed how he was a seeker in life. 

Becoming a doctor is not a simple process, for its hardships and a long duration. MV pursued MBBS just to please his grandfather. I’m amused to see how he managed to do things he loves besides pursuing medicine.

Reading this, book, I realized how important is to be at our best selves before we are specialists in any field. It doesn’t matter what we hold as a qualification. Being at our best as a human would take us to places to change the world.

Everyone has a way to work for the change. Sridhar worked for immense change in all the places he worked. And he changed.  

Reading this book, I learned what made him achieve the things he achieved. Along with his story, his failures, successes, adventures and a lot more learnings are well put.

The biggest reflective moments for me is when I read, “Listen to them, allow others to talk. Understand them. Seek first to understand and then to be understood.”

Love the pointers at the end of the chapter, can reread it at regular times.

Harimohan Paruvu did commendable work in bringing out this biography for great learning as well as sharing doc’s story. 

For all the interviews, anecdotes, stories, and the final book. You've worked your way for the change by bringing his story into the light.  Amazing work Sir!

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