Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Corporate Lessons - Boss request is always an order

Boss' request is always an order.

My boss never ordered. He always requested for the work. I wondered why he had to be polite and always requesting when he can simply give an order to work. After all, I'm responsible for the work.

On reflection, I wondered how the choice of words really matters.

"Can you please come to office by 10am tomorrow?"

" Come to office by 10 am tomorrow."

There's a difference. There's no harm if you order but, if you request, you leave out the associate to work in a manner he wants to do.

There's a difference between compulsion and by own's wish.

I've learned from my boss about making things happen by requests but not orders.

Do not take the stature granted. Do not make things hierarchical when you can make the work done by being kind and simple.

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