Sunday, December 23, 2018

Crazy Shtupid stuff.

Experiences are described in pictures
Moments are described in stories*

Can anyone articulate and describe those moments and experiences in conversations, please?.

I write these lines in response, looking at the people sharing their experiences, moments and everything through pictures and social media stories. My friend Fanta Farhan read it and asked what's my problem.

 We got to live, in real, more than we live through pictures and social media stories.

Farhad never bothered to listen to me and kept watching an Insta story,

"OK. Listen. Look at this. This shit is crazy dude!," said Fanta Farhan.

"What's crazy?" I questioned. 

"This dude jumps from a crazy shit height."

Oh. You think jumping  off from such a height is shit?"

No dude! I meant it was great. 

"Oh. Shit man, I never thought you're shitty at sharing shit stuff."

"Are you making fun of  me?"

"NO" was my answer.

"I'm talking about the way you talk shit stuff. I mean great stuff. 

God bless the shit and people who do that!"

And I kept writing. 

"The reason why we should be conscious of sharing our experiences, moments through conversations is because, you end up saying something and mean something when you hardly speak in person compared to the time you spend on social media sharing.

Shit in real is shit.  The world has far more other metaphors to use. Can you think a bit and start talking rather than sharing everything through a story! Because, in the future, you may forget what it is to talk in words since you only live through stories.

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