Monday, December 24, 2018

Book Launch of Viriah by Krishna Gubili

Krishna Gubili wrote a book on his great grand father. And It's  an intriguing story. 

I see an extraordinary story and a history I've never heard of. I never knew about it. It's surprising to learn about Indentured labour. After the abolishment of slavery, British took 13.3 lakh Indians for work at Sugar Cane fields at Africa. And Viriah is one of them. The great-grandfather of Krishna. He heard a lot about his grandfather and great-grandfather through his grandmother. 
Krishna sharing his writing experience to Harimohan Paruvu

Krishna's friends at the launch.

Listening to Krishna Gubili about his life story and the book reminded me of the book Roots, this book seemed to be Indian Roots. I was sceptical if this would have an impactful story until he started reading a few lines from his book. He selected few chapters from the book and read so well that he shared a lot without sharing much. He read very well. I wished to listen to his stories all day. He also shared his book writing experiences. His struggle with juggling 50 drafts. The way he found an editor who understood him well. It's a beautiful journey I could relate to. 

Great job Krishna. Would love to read the book. This is the story that's worth sharing. 

I was happy when Harry asked me to join him for the book launch he's attending.

We headed to Orion Villas which is right behind WellsFargo. Beautiful place behind the concrete Jungle. 

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