Saturday, December 15, 2018

Kids and their ways.

It's fun to observe kids. The way they learn, the things they do. They're hilarious. I met this 3-year-old kid, Huzair, adorably cute fellow.
Huzair checking out my headphones

He wanted to cut the tail of tiger with his new sword, the carrot.

Huzair drinking at his table.
Often cries without a slight hint of being observed. Stops crying the moment he gets what he wants. Wants his mother to feed him but, wants to drink milk on his own sitting on the table. He hits his mom for some reason, and when she asks, "Sorry Bolo."

He smiles and says, "Welcome"

"Arre Sorry Bolo, main thank you Nahi Bola."
"Welcomeeeee." and he runs away.
No chucks are given about any selfie at all


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