Saturday, December 15, 2018

Anjali & I

Anjali offered me to sit with her and watch cartoons. It's been long since I watched cartoons. I don't know what cartoons nowadays are coming. All I remember are mickey mouse, Swatcats, Uncle Donald, and later Richie Rich, Power Rangers, Pokemon. Anjali watched Mickey Mouse and offered to see the same. 

I never knew that mickey mouse shorts existed. I don't even remember for how long the episodes were back in my time. These Mickey mouse shorts are a breeze as I enjoyed watching them after a long time.
Every tale has a good story. There's a conflict but still, at the end, there's a good note. I ponder how difficult is it to write for the kids. You gotta entertain them as well write a gripping story. The animation is one tool to attract the kids yet, the stories are the key.

Later we had our stint at Badminton. All during, when I was deprived of sleep badly. 

Spared from Anjali, I took a 10-minute nap to recover while she watched 3 mickey mouse shorts. 

After a little bit of a game, it's TV time. We watched K.C.Under Cover serial. 
Thanks to Anjali, I'm introduced to all kinds of serials. This time, the serial has a spy agency backdrop, it's is new and interesting.

After all this, Harry & I had this Chai pe Charcha. Anjali joined us a few times and hinted us to do something else. Thus, we ended up trying our hand at Carroms also.

Carroms remind me of my fellas' games at Sports Complex. Satwik's commentary on all the moves and Shyam's professionalism. It was fun.

Before I take a leave, we decided to eat dinner. Anjali& I cooked Maggi together. Both of us had our own ways to cook. She decided the amount of water. I decided not to break the noodles. She wanted it to be soupy. I had no particular choice of that. I went along with her. And then we had Maggi special masala. Good fun. I headed out to my place as she went on watching Mickey mouse shorts again.  Good day.

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