Friday, December 28, 2018

Stories on Wheels

Communication beyond the words. I seek out for a ride. I wave my hand for a ride while the sun settled in to see my place after 12 hours. 

The place is lit with meagre lights and being in the city, I bent my own rule 'No hitchhiking at night'

Though it's dark, it's an evening. A hefty big man stops his bike looking at me. I got onto the bike and didn't utter a word to say where I want to go. 

10 km to reach my place, he got off the familiar route I know. I wanted to know where he was going. wanted to tell where I wanna go. 

Fell silent for a minute and decided to see where he'll drop me. He takes a new route and that seems a shortcut to my home. 

Thanks, stranger for the ride, and the new route. I know nothing of him but remember his face being concerned when he looked and stopped at me when I waved my hand. 

That concern seems small but I'm grateful for the ride he gave. I'm thankful to receive such goodness in life. 

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