Monday, December 24, 2018

The Book Fair Haul and the smiles i brought along

Soon after attending Lit up, I headed to Hyderabad Book Fair.  Despite being tired but I checked out a lot of book stalls hoping to get some good titles. Got intimidated by looking at the huge crowd. People and books everywhere. Happy to see many people buying a lot of books. I found a book on Handwriting Analysis. I found it interesting and bought it for 125 rupees. 

I hitchhiked from Fair to Metro station. I carried the book in the basket Lit Up people gave. And everyone noticed the basket since it was fancy and colourful. I boarded the station and an old man observed the book in the basket. He kept looking at the book and was trying to read it from a far distance. 3 stations passed and he was still attempting to get a good glance at the book. I took a moment and handed over the book.

"Merry Christmas Sir," I said and left the train rejoicing in the smiles he shared.

This is the letter I shared the experience in a better way. 

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