Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Unstoppable by Maria Sharapova

Maria Sharapova a.k.a "Masha" as her dad called was a 6 year old kid when she flew to US in crucial circumstances.  And then she started her life to become a champion.

There's always a person behind one's glory. There's one who sacrificed their life to cater everything to become a champion. In Maria's story, it was her Dad, Yuri. 

Yuri had this dream of making her daughter a champion and he believed in it. 

His interview with the visa officer. His conversation with Maria during her first Wimbledon win is full of conviction. His words with such belief impacted people around him. I assume the way just Maria assumes in her writing, revealing the key incidents. Her childhood was a struggle. Strangers helped Yuri & Maria throughout their first days at US and it's inspiring.

The way Yuri talk to people, making a way for her daughter is astonishing. Such determination. such confidence. It's equal and supreme when Yuri and Robert Lancedorp have a conversation. His belief and conviction is something that reminds me of Andre Agassi's father. Maybe, to create such legends, you need such fathers who showcase an immense belief. 

Besides all this conviction, his intuition supplemented by few signs are crazy. There was a situation where Maria had to chose to be either left-handed player or right-handed player at the age of 12. Her father says he went on with a sign where he read in a tennis magazine's horoscope page that no.1 female tennis champion would be a right-handed player. That's strange. 

Sharapova's childhood can be put in two words. Uncertainty, Hope.

Her life at the US seemed uncertain now and then but there was hope that brought them to the place where they're right now. Every time, everywhere someone or the other helped them to stay focused on the mission, 'to become a champion'

Sharapova discussed a lot on focus, will, sacrifices and her coaches. How they landed at LA to train under Lancedorp. 

Through this book, I got to know a few more Tennis Stars. Robert Lancedorp, Hanin, Tracy Austin and few more.

I quoted a lot on her thoughts. They're more about game, purpose & attitude. 

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