Thursday, September 6, 2018

The Deccan Project Diaries- Thursday treats

During the month of August 2017, a year back, I got into an adventure and ended up at Lakdikapool clueless of where to head. Got reminded of the heritage walk lead by Jafferi, I headed to Nampally. 

That Thursday, we visited a lot of dargahs and ended up at Yousafein Dargah at late night attending Qawwali. That's the day when I met Barathy for the first time, a good friend who shared a lot of common interests. 

Every Thursday, this qawwali happens at Yousafein Dargah. There were times we had finished office and rushed to Nampally only to dine at Alhamdulilah Hotel and attend Jhumme Ki Raat at Dargah.  From 10pm to 4 am, the energy and the vibes are positive and also very soothing.

At Yousufain Dargah
As months passed by, staying awake till 4 every Thursday was a bit difficult and lost the habit of visiting Dargah during Thursdays. 

The Deccan Project
I realized that I'm treated with music on Thursdays at a different place of a different genre. It's been 3 months since I started going to Vapour every Thursday, only to attend 'The Deccan Project's performance'.

Every Thursday night is a musical night filled with a lot of energy & positive vibes.  

From now, they'll be performing on Fridays. I'm grateful to have my Thursdays filled with music performances. Be it Qawwali or the band performance. They relieve and liberate me from the daily humdrum and give hope to keep doing things I love. 

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