Sunday, September 16, 2018

Happy birthday Sameera

Sameera. She's anything but boring.

Sameera a.k.a Sam is an absolutely cheerful person to be with. She’s the first person I ragged in the college during my fresher days. It was her first day and I faked as a senior. All those memories still flash right now. Few minutes into all the fake acting and ragging, we got along well the whole day.
I was glad that she was into automobile engineering. But as a norm and making things pretty usual, the beautiful girl ended up where she had to. The IT branch.

The Birthday Girl. Sameera

Soon after Sameera moved and she, being day scholar, never spent a good time talking to each other regularly during engineering. Never the less, she was in our shadow engineering trip and this time got introduced to the whole gang. Amrutha, of course, became the sweetest of all I know. Simran, the chilled out person of all the gang who sincerely misses out every first damn class being a regular latecomer. Vaishnavi is one more person who's more into Star TV Serials. God bless her. Of all, Sameera has a talent for singing and she does it well. I adore her performance in college and always binge her to sing Iktara, every chance I get.

Both of us having music as a common area of interest, both of us suggest songs to each other once in a blue moon. Mona Gasolina from Lingaa is one song, we both were addicted to and she alone could get me on this. She's one of the few who got it while others hated the song. 

The inspiration behind the story, “The Well Known Stranger,” I’ve written is because of this girl’s chain of comments teasing another person. She’s of great wit and……..wisdom? I’m not sure of it. 
Sameera is of great talent. Her presence makes a difference.  And she’s witty as well as artistic, only in the singing sense besides in the drawing sense, especially in the designing side, AUTO CAD designing  ;)
To get reminded of her birthday, I recollect all the happy memories. I  celebrate her birthday since she's the person who made a little difference with her presence. Most of the times, she puts people on the edge of their seats with her oneliners. You make a difference with your presence. Keep being yourself and keep smiling as always. Happy Birthday, Sameera. Stay blessed.

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