Thursday, September 6, 2018

The retreats at random places.

When I went to CCD, I spot a guy sketching a mesmerizing drawing. It was a beautiful sketch. I could only get a glimpse of it.  After that,  I took a corner and spend time sketching and writing what's on my mind. It's a delight to stop by at a random cafe and do what you love to reconnect with yourself getting away from this forever connected online social connections. I wanted to ask that person about sketches, but somehow I couldn't.

At another day, another time, I treat myself enjoying live music performance at another cafe. I spot another person sketching, god knows what. I was curious to know what he's sketching. And this time, I went ahead and asked.

The Artist's retreat :)

He was sketching the Bar counter that was at his sight. It was a spontaneous one and an indeed a beautiful one. My friend joined me and it was more of an artist's retreat. We were discussing how one should keep sketching and shared tips on drawing style.

I love these learnings at random places which are helping to reconnect with myself.

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