Saturday, September 8, 2018

Lunch at 5rs Meal Box

Living away from the family, I've been depending on food apps, Zomato, Swiggy for my lunches and dinners. Gone are the days when I went to a hotel and had lunch. Given chance any day, I order from different places to try out different food. Depending on all these outside food, I became complacent about getting good food at my doorstep in a matter of few clicks. Lots of money is spent on food without thinking twice. I became so comfortable regarding food that I took them for granted. I wanted to change this. I wanted to get out of this comfort zone

After getting to know about 5rs meals provided by Hare Krishna movement, I thought I'd like to try out the meal once. It never happened. That box is a stone's throw away from my living place yet, I never tried it. I preferred to order it online than to walk a few steps and have this lunch. 

As I do things unplanned I was hitchhiking and got dropped near one of the 5rs meal boxes. I looked at it. I looked at the time. I jumped into action and went to the counter to have a meal.

It's funny how people perceive depending on places, and attire. I went in good attire and handed him a 50rs note. The cashier seemed authoritative and put a look which I read as, "Change Kaun Deta tumko? Paanch rupiyee nahi he??" I honestly didn't think much about the change. Though he had loads of change, he denied giving me. He asked me to take two meals of rice (10rs).  I was okay with it. All I wanted to have was a meal.

He served me rice, Sambar, cucumber curry. Pickle was finished before I could go.  

It's a decent meal. Everything seemed hygienic.  Being there, having this meal taught me to appreciate the food I got for such amount. Thanks to the government for providing food for such price. Thanks to the Hare Krishna for a decent meal.

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