Saturday, September 8, 2018

Notes of a Dream by Krishna Trilok

Notes of a dream.

Out of the blue, the kindle version is out.  Yesterday, A.R.Rahman posted about this book on twitter and I couldn't stop myself from reading a sample on Amazon and got hooked to the work.

Started with the foreword by Danny Boyle,  Krishna described the 99 days production and A.R.Rahman's entry into the sets. 

I can't be happier to start this book tonight that filled with a lot of A.R.Rahman music, thanks to "The Deccan Project's gig at Vapour. 

Notes of a Dream, the biography of A.R.Rahman by Krishna Trilok
Sharing about this event and discussing the book in person with Ajay, & the whole 'The Deccan Project team brought immense happiness.

We often share to seek the reflections and who can be better to seek reflections than Ajay & Vivek Bhai.

I'm enjoying this. Finished the first part of the book and I'm grinning ear to ear reading anecdotes of AR of his childhood.

Will update more as I progress in reading this book. 

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