Saturday, September 22, 2018

The written works on A.R.Rahman


This is the first book I ever received as a gift from Swathi. I cherish this gift. 

Soon after our college had finished, she walked in. The last person I met after all the parties I had that day. Soon after all the wishes, she got out this blue pack wishing me, 'happy birthday' again. I was instructed to open this after going home. The first time, wanted to leave her and rush to home. 

As I left her and rushed home. I opened this gift with a lot of excitement and couldn't be happier than that on that day. The way she made me feel on that day is the reason I developed a thing for the gifts. I want to witness the same happiness in others through my gifting. I want to make people happy in that way. I could never forget that day. I didn't take out a picture then and there but shouted with joy and called her laughing instead of saying, any words.
She made my day. Unexpectedly expected this book as a gift but didn't expect this thing from the one who gifted me. The first book I received as a gift. 
The Spirit of Music



Years passed. And I was searching for "The Spirit of Music" to gift to one of my friends. I kept visiting so many bookstores to get this. I tried online and no luck it was always out of stock. Out of blue, as I mentioned about this book to Pooja, she got me the link saying, "See, Here it is. You can buy."

For months I was searching and couldn't find it. The moment I asked her, she got it from me, I don't know from where. I gifted one to my friend and I realized it's an updated one. So got one for me as well.


The authorized biography of A.R.Rahman by Krishna Trilok. This time, I couldn't wait till my birthday to receive this as a gift. 

A.R.Rahman has this aura that's never faded. God bless him.

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