Sunday, September 16, 2018

The MI Band Experience

I do not have a habit of wearing watches.  I tried my best to handle those watches but failed at it. Either I lose them or spoil them. To my rescue, small bar phone was there to check the time. From the times, I had smartphone, besides checking the time, I spent a lot of time on phone mindlessly.

I start opening the phone with the excuse, "Let me check the time," and end up checking notifications, apps and a lot of trivial stuff. I wanted to stop this. Mi Band seemed to be a good solution. It helps me as a watch and also assist in tracking all my activities.

I went for a basic Mi Band HRX edition.

All I want is the time in it. Steps seemed inaccurate, do not have a fair idea of how sleep monitor works. So far so good.
My MI Band

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