Sunday, September 9, 2018

The Happy conversations.

I love to have conversations either through on paper or in person. Since most of my friends are out of reach to have a conversation in-person. I write letters, if not, we merely communicate to stay updated on each other's life. 

Of all, I perceive these online communication/conversations with few people triggering me to go back and relive all the good memories. Out of blue, Sruthi texts me she's listening to Tamil music and asks about my whereabouts. I'm glad she got reminded of me when she's listening to Tamil stuff. 

We talk a bit in Tamil and share what's happening with us. It's been so long since I wrote to her and I share a few of my sketches and talk about how things have been. One conversation with her put me in good space and I'm here blogging and finishing all the drafts that have been stacking up in my blog.

Besides that, I put on Tamil music and started working. 

As I keep writing, I read my journal, I read my poetry and I rejoice in all these pretty little things. Thanks, Sruthi for the motivation with a small hearty conversation. You're the motivation why I'm updating my blog which has been a thing on my to-do list for a long time.  

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