Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Thoughts of the hour- writing

Ruskin Bond once wrote in his memoir, saying “ Lying on the grass and doing nothing is, of course a wonderful occupation, but I did not survive as a freelance writer for over forty years simply by lying on the grass and counting lady birds. if the grass is to mean anything, a time comes when you have to get up, brush the lady birds from your shirt and trousers, and proceed to your desk to write, type or word-process all those ideas you get while sitting out there doing nothing.”

I can totally relate to it. A few days back I was wandering around a college campus and many thoughts were flashing in my mind. In a moment, I found an auditorium near me and I sneaked into it to sit and write. I opened my book and started writing. I didn’t mind the weird looks from strangers. I didn’t mind any attention I caused by solely doing my work.  It was a cloudy day, and amid trees, I was enjoying the walk. I knew that I had to process my ideas and write rather than being there enjoying the moment.

While I was writing, Ruskin Bond words flashed in my mind, “During my idle moments I receive many good thoughts(and some that are not so good), but these thoughts have to translated into intelligible and readable language if they are to convey anything to others. And that’s where the hard but pleasurable work comes in. The composing, the revising, the rewriting.”

And also, thinking about writing, Harimohan’s words at my book launch flashed my mind,”Everyone wants to write. That’s the problem. Everyone wants to write but hardly they sit to write.”

I feel tempted by various ideologies to enjoy the moment by doing nothing. but again, it’s Ruskin Bond who comes to the rescue answering what is it to sit and write.

“I live through my writing, just as my writing lives through me.”

Learning many life lessons from these writers, I wish to keep writing no matter what.

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