Saturday, September 30, 2017

Evening with the Senior- Sharayu.

To see her coming out  without a smile struck me a bit. It was drizzling all the way. Gorgeous in black dress, senior worried about reaching home amid rain.  She stood staring at the rain wondering when she’d reach home. As ever, she looked elegant and charming.

As we started conversation about her work, it went on from music to memories. While we were talking, she showed her new phone which she gifted herself. One has to keep oneself  happy always. Loved listening to her about how she gifted herself many stuff. We were standing out at corridor wishing the rain to give a break.

It was weird to call her out in singular form. I was always in awe of her. There was respect to her all the way. All of sudden, I couldn’t believe that I’d strike a conversation and spend some good time with her.  Would need more time make myself realise that ‘Yes! Senior is best friend of mine.”

After staying amid crowd, wished to have tea  and walked across the place.

As we both started walking in rain, we shared what songs came across our minds. Started from, “Nahi Saamne,”we trailed  to Guru, Ok Kanmani, Malargale, and a lot more. We were least bothered about the crowd and started singing all the songs that came across our minds.

To my excitement, she knows the song, “Piya Tose Naina Laage re’ There are so many song requests from me. This one got added into the list just then.

Soon after spending some time, we strolled to another place enjoying the weather.

After a stroll, we ended up sitting and started our jamming session again.

Amid drizzling weather, senior next to me was singing. I was the sole listener. She was just  being herself and enjoyed singing.

I had goosebumps listening to her singing all the favourites. Sharayu is such a kind soul and special person.

On a request, she sang, “Rama Chakkani.”
Closing my eyes, I could enjoy her voice  closely.

Munbevaa, Newyork Nagaram, Chinni chinni aasai were among the few she sang.

Time was never known when I was listening to her singing. I don’t know if I ever get a chance to listen her singing again in this kind of weather.

Her voice seem compelling to me now. Her voice became one of the voices, I wish to listen again and again.

I also got a chance to listen a single  composed by her brother. I wish I can check that out in stores soon. I wish he releases it very soon.

As we kept on singing and listening songs, Nikhil, Sharayu’s friend joined us. He’s the friend who gifted her A.R.Rahman shirt. She got amazing friends who always make her feel happy.

I had great time listening to all the stories from him. How she keeps forgetting things, how she keeps spoiling the plans at times. She was laughing all the way listening about herself.

It was fun to see both trying to make fun of each other. My senior is awesome!

I can spend all the time just listening to her. It’s a great sight to see her being herself and singing.

As it was raining and we had to leave. Though hard to bid a bye, we left greeting with a  smile. September is indeed a special month as I got chance to spend some good time with her.

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