Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Sharayu Sakri- favourite artist

I’m grateful to spend some time with my favorite artist and senior, Sharayu Sakri.

Sharayu is a singer who loves nature, long walks, family, coffee, music and not the least of all, A.R. Rahman.  The intensity with which she love these stuff is immense. None can explain but, her smiles. She smiles with an awe when she really loves something and feel beloved by the things she is at awe.  Her reactions to my surprises are one of those most honest and intense expressions I've ever seen.

She’s the person who gets off the vehicle to enjoy the view of a landscape, to enjoy the blueness of the sky. Be it amid traffic, be it on deserted roads, she bothers least about anything but, nature. She loves to travel on roads which are covered by trees on both the sides. Of all the colours, black and white is what entices her a lot.
Beaches are her rehabilitation houses. She loves spending time at the beaches. Time is never known to her when she stays at the beaches.
She has the voice one wishes to listen when they’re amid nature with the beloved ones. Not so loud, not so soft. It’s like the gentle breeze amid a cloudy day. There’s sense of huskiness in voice but not enough to deviate from the sharpness of her voice. The more I concentrate, the more I enjoy listening to her.

I don’t mind joining her when she sings few of our favorites. She loves singing more than reminding me of my bad voice. The way she completely gets zoned out when she is into music is what I can totally relate to.

She also plays veena. “Should start playing again, It's been long time” says Sharayu, excited to play few of her favourites on it. She has a brother who seems super cool and is also a musician. She jams with her brother often and upload few videos.

 Sharayu a.k.a  Senior

One of the videos which I love and keep listening to, is the mash up of few A.R.Rahman songs. This video is simple yet special. This video puts a smile on my face. This video brings happiness to me for no reason. Will share much more about this on next post. Check out the video at

She got featured on a website for this mashup. The title says it all,

"Girl’s Simple Yet Beautiful Mashup Of AR Rahman Hit Songs!"


She’s the person who keeps learning and keeps improving her talent. She will reach places for sure to receive all the love and goodness in this world. I wish her all the love and peace in her life.

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