Saturday, September 30, 2017

Dream come true!

Words wouldn’t suffice about how I’m enjoying this moment. Sharayu is going to meet A.R.R
It’s a dream come true.  And sharing her happiness is such a joy. I can’t stop thinking about it.

She loves singing and she does what she loves.

Nothing could give me this feeling. I’m exhilarated!

Everytime, I think about it, I’m overwhelmed. She is going to sing infront of A.R.Rahman!  My senior is such a honest soul, she enjoyed each and every moment singing his songs. Her dream is going to turn into reality in no time.

She dreamt of meeting him someday. Someday! But, never thought that day would be very soon. Though missed many chances of meeting him, we both were intuitive about meeting him someday. For now, I’ve no clue about how i’m gonna meet him but, my senior is not only meeting him but also singing in front of A.R.Rahman.

23.September 17:21

Sharayu makes fun of me that I always miss her calls. True that she called me twice and I didn’t check my phone.  Soon after I looked at the missed calls, I called her immediately to know what she was upto.

Before she answered my call, I was in my own thoughts assuming that she’d released new video or she got featured again.

She answered the call and it was a mere 10 second conversation. I was told to check fb, whatsapp and call her. She hung the phone. With same assumptions, I checked the phone and to my excitement and happiness there was this message.

“Hi Sharayu,

Congratulations! You’ve been chosen as one of four artists who will perform live to AR Rahman as apart of our #ISupportOneHeart Campaign.

Location: Chennai
Date and Exact Venue will be communicated soon.”

I jumped out of excitement and started sharing this news to strangers who were around me at that time. I was at Gachibowli Stadium working on TEDxHydearbad.  “My senior is going to sing infront of A.R.Rahman! My senior is going to sing infront of A.R.Rahman!”

I immediately called her up and started talking! “Senior!!!! I’m so happy!!!! God bless you! It’’s happening.” And as I started talking to her, there were tears of joy and I started crying realising that the dream came true.

Nothing could give me this feeling. I was overwhelmed. I was contented. To see her dream coming true will be the best sight ever to witness. She made my day!     

I was overwhelmed by the best thing that happened. I was overwhelmed by the talent of her. All i could keep saying to her was, “Stay blessed. Stay blessed.!”

Now, I really don’t mind meeting him some other time. All I wanna witness is to see her singing live in front of A.R.Rahman.

God bless her!

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