Saturday, September 9, 2017

Nearly away.

There were times where I spent hours and hours listening to A.R music. I didn't mind spending a lot of time listening to his music. Be it 6 hours or 16 hours, I never had a problem. I never attended his concerts. I wish to attend one!

To meet him in person is one wish I craved for.

Thanks to our wrong timing decisions, my senior and I always missed the chance of meeting A.R.Rahman in person. We told each other, "one day we're going to meet him." and also we promised  that we'd call each other if we ever get a chance to meet.

My most kindful senior always pinged me whenever A.R visited Hyderabad. She was never at the nearby place when A.R.Rahman visited Hyderabad. I was never in a reach when she tried calling me. We missed every chance when it was about a meet with A.R.

Once, A.R.Rahman visited T-hub which is quite opposite to my senior's workplace(synergy park). With no prior information on this, assuming a boring tuesday, she was on a leave on that tuesday itself. She had friends at T-Hub (yes, she has a great network ;) who invited her to join them. She was 40 km away from T-Hub. She couldn't make it as A.R would leave by the time she reaches half way through.  She couldn't stop wondering why she put a leave.

In that moment, she thought of me and wanted me to use the opportunity  at least and called me. Thanks to my out of reach trait. I took a call after an half an hour or so. I  arrived at the  synergy park just then. Soon after she spelled the words "A.R.Rahman was at T-hub," I turned about walking towards it. She quickly added, "he already left the place." 

We both couldn't stop lamenting on why we did what we did.  Though experiencing such nearly misses, we still say to each other, "we'll meet one day" and also promise that we'd call each other if we ever get a chance to meet.

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