Wednesday, September 20, 2017

The purpose is defined- TEDxStories


The purpose is defined all the time.

Crowd of 25 people are gathered every friday. Number of 8-9 people are gathered every Wednesday and Saturday. Of 7 days, 3 evenings  throughout the year are almost huddling with the TEDxHyderabadis.

Right from the start, the community kept spreading like wild fire sharing ideas.
From the start of the day, the purpose is defined. When we're low without partners back up. It was emphasized. Whenever we are looking for the experience zone, we're concentrating on it.
It was always, one idea at a time. It was always one task at a time. With the clear defined purposes,we covered in whole to give the best experience the Hyderabad has ever seen. TEDxHyderabad. Kudos to the team

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